The Group

Rampoldi X-Ray is a company that boasts more than 25 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high frequency monoblocks and complete systems for radiology. The tradition of the Rampoldi family has created over the years various companies that have led our product to be internationally recognized on the market for veterinary and human radiology machines. Today our products are built with a certified quality system UNI EN ISO 9001 – ENI EN ISO 13485.

But as we all know, the market is in constant technological evolution and we have found ourselves facing the biggest challenge for a company: demonstrating that it is able to grow from a technological point of view without betraying its origins.

With this in mind, in 2013 Rampoldi X-Ray became part of a group of companies operating mainly in the industrial automation sector: the know-how and design tools at a mechanical, electrical and software level have given us the opportunity to renew our products both in terms of product design and ergonomics, and as integrated systems with the latest generation hardware and software technologies that allow our products to best respond to the market needs.
The collaboration and synergies between companies of the same group allow us to have total control over the product and its technology in every aspect, from design to mechanical, electronics and software manufacturing: fundamental aspects that give the company flexibility and responsiveness to the requests of the market. Group policies have also given a boost to the diffusion of our brand both on the national and international markets.

Software Applications

As a historic manufacturer of high-frequency x-ray systems, Rampoldi X-Ray supports the customer to meet the needs of those who actively work in the field of radiology.
For this reason, to enhance our XRST systems and to fully exploit their potential, we have developed some applications that can integrate the software supplied.
Multi CPI – FPD Consent – Syncro – AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) – MU.DE. Manager

WVC 2020

From 17th to 20th January 2020 the staff of Rampoldi X-Ray took part with great success in the 92th edition of the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas (Nevada).

The event was a perfect opportunity for us to deal with the dynamic and varied American market as well as to discover the latest technologies in the industry.

A special thanks goes to the organisers of the show and to all the people who visited our booth to discuss about possible collaborations and to learn more about the veterinary radiology.